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Top 4 Reasons Why the White Sands Hotel & Spa Is Perfect for Your Family

If you’re looking for an overseas property investment to serve as both a means to generate high rental returns as well as a luxurious getaway for your friends and family, then look no further than the White Sands Hotel & Spa. Situated on the glorious sun-soaked Boa Vista Island in Cape Verde, The Resort Group

June 28th, 2017|News|

Why Traditional Stocks and Bonds May Not Be a Reliable Investment

Choosing a reliable investment is an art form. As an investor, you are faced with an almost limitless variety of options, from which you must choose where to place your hard-earned money. Each of these investments come with their own risks, and the ones you select will be determined largely by your tolerance for such

June 21st, 2017|Financial|

Discover How to Boost Your Returns with the White Sands Hotel & Spa

For investors looking for high returns, The Resort Group PLC presents an unrivalled opportunity with the White Sands Hotel & Spa – the brand new Resort being built on Boa Vista Island in the tropical archipelago of Cape Verde. Construction got underway in December 2015, and the development is right on schedule to open its

June 14th, 2017|White Sands|

The Easy Way to Purchase Cape Verde Investment Property

So you’ve decided to purchase a Cape Verde investment property. This is a great choice for many reasons. To begin with, Cape Verde is just a six-hour flight from the UK, meaning that you won’t ever have to commit more than a day to travel, no matter where your starting point is. What’s more, with

June 9th, 2017|Cape Verde, Property Investment|

Investor Interviews: Part 2

In the second of our Investor Interviews, we spoke to Corinna Whitfield. An international investor, she was inspired to look to Cape Verde for her next investment after recommendations from friends and one of our Inspection Tours. What first attracted you to Cape Verde? Because someone had a dream, saw the potential of an Island

May 30th, 2017|Property Investment|

5 Questions to Ask During Your White Sands Hotel & Spa Inspection Tour

With the wide range of properties available at the White Sands Hotel & Spa – not to mention the host of 5-star luxury facilities that The Resort Group PLC’s Resorts are renowned for – it’s of course imperative for investors to acquaint themselves with as much information as possible before making a purchase decision. And

May 24th, 2017|White Sands|

4 Qualities of a Good Property Investment Opportunity

What makes a good property investment opportunity? If you’re considering making an investment in real estate, it’s likely that you’ll want to earn some real returns from the purchase. And this means that there are some serious questions that you will need to ask yourself. For starters, since property is an illiquid asset, you must

May 17th, 2017|Property Investment|

How Alternative Investments Strengthen Your Portfolio and Reduce Risk

Alternative investments are simply assets that one owns that fall outside of conventional asset categories, such as stocks, bonds and cash. For a lot of people, when they think of investments, these more traditional asset classes are what come to mind. But there is a whole world of alternative investments out there that can be

May 10th, 2017|Financial|

The Ownership Benefits of Investing in a Luxury Resort

Investing in a luxury Resort overseas is a big decision. But the good news is that when it’s done the right way, it can be an extremely lucrative one. If you’ve got a sizeable nest egg in savings and investments, but want your money to work harder for you than it will in a savings

May 3rd, 2017|News|

Investor Interviews: Part 1

We spoke to Ian Wheadon, who recently purchased a property on White Sands Hotel & Spa on Boa Vista, to hear first hand about his experience as an investor with The Resort Group PLC in Cape Verde. What first attracted you to Cape Verde? I think the main attraction was that it is relatively unspoiled, which makes

May 2nd, 2017|Property Investment|